Computer System triumphs almost every aspect of modern life. They are becoming available toward every level of people in our society. Hence it turns into ubiquitous, multifaceted and diverse in characteristics on all scales. The HCI group of AIUB explores novel forms of human-computer interaction that highlights on the user and the interaction experience, taking into account the requirements defined by the physical, cognitive, and perceptive skills of users. The HCI Group aims to contribute to the advancement of measurably better Design and Interaction issues of software through careful application of HCI methods. We follow an iterative and interactive process that consists of user research, interaction design, and usability evaluation. A cliché assumption prevails that HCI is exclusively focused on the interface. But we are focused on the users and their goals in order to build the right tool which means that we are focused on functionality as well as interface. Challenges range from the understanding and design of high-level concepts and models of human cognition, communication, and collaboration to the development of engineering principles and techniques necessary for the creation of rich, interactive, and intelligent user interfaces for computerized real, virtual, and blended media environments. Our group conducts interdisciplinary research spanning science, technology and design of learning and communication.


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