Computer Vision addresses the problem of how to use computers to process visual information, including pictures and videos. Specific problems include detection and recognition of objects, features, or actions, segmentation of videos, and using image or video data in computational processes.

Center for research in Computer Vision:

The common goal and purpose of the center is to strongly promote basic research in computer vision and its applications in all related areas including National Defense & Intelligence, Homeland Security, Environment Monitoring, Life Sciences and Biotechnology and Robotics.

The Mission of Computer Vision is to:

  • Enrich the computer education curriculum to suit the needs of the industry- wide standards for both domestic and international markets
  • Equip the faculty and staff with professional, modern technological and research skills
  • Upgrade continuously computer hardwares, facilities and instructional materials to cope with the challenges of the information technology age
  • Initiate and conduct relevant research, software development and outreach services
  • Establish linkage with industry and other IT-based organizations/institutions for sharing of resources and expertise, and better job opportunities for students


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