To conduct and promote foundational research in core areas of reasoning, knowledge representation, learning, decision-making, planning, vision, speech and language processing, and to transfer the outcome of our research to the industry, the government, and the public sector, while collaborating with other researcher both nationally and internationally.

The common goal and purpose of the center is to strongly promote basic research in computer vision and its applications in all related areas including National Defense & Intelligence, Homeland Security, Environment Monitoring, Life Sciences and Biotechnology and Robotics.


To be recognized nationally and internationally as one of the innovative research group on making computation as the key of creating a successful future by providing long-term improvements in how people live and work.


1. Share knowledge and research outcome through-

  • Publishing papers in reputable journals and conferences,
  • Translating and authoring books in the field,
  • Conducting and organizing lectures, seminars and workshops,
  • Teaching and supervising undergraduate and graduate courses on related areas.
  • Inviting speakers and hosting visits by distinguished scholars

2. Providing technical expertise and consultation to the community

3. Building partnerships with leading international experts and research centers

Publications :