We are one of the largest computer science departments in the country and one of the most established. We offer a wide range of exciting honours degree programmes at undergraduate level (BSc).


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering (BSc in CSE)

This degree is designed to give you an appreciation of both hardware and software. As with all our degrees we support your learning through the provision of a range of up-to-date computing and electronics laboratories. The first two years of the course give you an introduction to modern computer systems. In the third year you can take specialist courses from a range including Advanced Digital Design, Computer Networks and Computer Architectures. For more info explore BSc CSE Curriculum.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Software Engineering (BSc in CSSE)

This degree program is designed to feed the need of software engineers who must possess strong programming skills, but are more concerned with developing algorithms and analyzing and solving programming problems than with actually writing code. This mix blend of program will provide you extra confidence in the rapidly evolving software industry. For more info explore BSCSSE Curriculum.


Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering (BSc in SE)

This degree is designed in response to the growing importance of software to the national infrastructure and the rapid rise in demand for professional software engineers. The curriculum encompasses behavioral, managerial and technical aspects of software engineering and attempts to synthesize disciplinary paradigms and themes. This program is designed specifically for students interested in a range of application domains. We have integrated real-world experiences via the cooperative education program and via team project software development in course work. For more info explore BSSE Curriculum.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSc in CS)

This degree prepares you to work with the rapidly changing technology of computing by helping you understand the underpinnings of computing science. The first year introduces the core material with an element of individual choice. Thereafter you can continue with mainstream computer science with choices that relate to your interests and career aspirations. In the final year you will work on a project with one of our faculty members on an extended topic under individual supervision. For more info explore BSCS Curriculum.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Information System (BSc in CIS)

This degree combines material on computing, information technology and management and is designed for students who either envisage a career designing and implementing computerised systems in a business environment, or who wish to become managers with a full knowledge of what information systems can do for them. The course has a customized first year that develops your basic skills in business and information systems. In the second and third years, you can choose the balance between computing and management that is most suitable to your career plans. For more info explore BSCIS Curriculum.